The Memory of Sindal

Fall and fly and fly and fall

As the city rises up

Date: 1105.162 (arrive at Drinax)

After fleeing the loving embrace of the Golden Queen, we brought Rao back to her father on Drinax (Tlaiowaha 2223).

Her father, the King, was very pleased to see her. She received good care on his floating palace and was soon back on her feet. And that is where things got sticky. Her father has a ship, and she wants us to pilot that ship. We would be flattered, but it appears that her father wants to use the ship for piracy. He is providing us with a Letter of Marque to disrupt trade.

His vision is to rebuild the Empire of Drinax. I can’t fault him for ambition. I guess having your whole planet inhabited by nobles, all of whom live in your palace, the pressure to rebuild the empire is pretty strong.

Rao wants us to do this because she trusts us to keep a secret. She has the ear of her father in this matters. I figure we better keep her happy.