The Memory of Sindal

Screw warders and jailers (Bernie)

And took the best prize of the lot

Date: 1105.31

Calli made a show

Calli, or someone who knows as much has she does, has made a show about twins being murdered at their boarding school. In it there is a character a lot like me called Bernie Laddox. It is a blockbuster, wildly successful in the Tobia subsector [it is made on Tobia (Tobia 3215)] and several nearby subsectors.

Rao suggested that we meet on Fist (Tobia 2918) to sort it out. In the Fist system, we head out to an asteroid belt on Sal’s ship, the Honest Mistake , to meet with Rao. Unfortunately we are shanghaied by Imperial Intelligence before we can get there. There were three of them:

  • Calli! She was is headed to Argona (The Borderland 2923) after they had delivered us.
  • A male diplomat who was heading back to Fist.
  • A doctor.
    They believed that one of us also worked for Imperial Intelligence.

The Golden Queen will host a show trial

Next thing you know, we wake up in the dungeon of the Golden Queen, on Yggdrasil (Yggdrasil 0815). That women has a serious barbarian fetish. When I say ‘on Yggdrasil’, I actually mean ‘over Yggdrasil’. The dungeon is in the bottom of her palace. Her palace is an asteroid. The asteroid is in geosynchronous orbit, at the top of a beanstalk down to the planet below. If only we could chop down that beanstalk.

We are slated for trail by combat. There isn’t much chance of us being found innocent, which means we would die. So Archie befriends a guard from Ace (Sindal 1719) called Wilv. He’s good like that. With Wilv’s help, we break out. We get into a bit of a scrap with some guards in a torture chamber (As I said, a serious barbarian fetish).

We find Rao strapped to a rack, being tortured. There is a cage strapped to her leg where small animals are eating her alive. She is unconscious and looks seriously hurt. You know, up until that point, I thought that maybe Rao had planned all this. Shopping us as the killers would certainly get her of the hook. After all, I considered shopping her to the Golden Queen in return for being set free, but I didn’t get a chance. Also, the others weren’t keen.

With Wilv’s help, we find the Honest Mistake and get out of there. Rao isn’t looking good, but being with us has to be better than getting your leg chewed off by space rats.