The Memory of Sindal

Treasure hunting

cache hidden in time
many treasures we have found
quick hide it again

Going home

Drinax here we come
We return home triumphant
Only in our minds

Thunder and Lightning

Dhaskaran guard birds
we call Thunder and Lightning
OK! Who chewed my shoes?

What are we becoming

We are cold killers
Reacting in fear and anger
Need to stop and think

More piracy occurs

stealthy we were not
It was an explosive trap
surprise! Jokes on us

we need to name them now

Two daskaran eggs
violent, feathery balls
emerge and imprint

We are pirates now

sneak aboard the ship
three go left and three go right
we are pirates now

My car is a UFO
I have searched the universe

Well, that worked out better than I expected.

When we arrived in Theeve (Sindal 2116), we found one of the ships we were looking for just parked on the moon.

So we stole it – just like that.

Kaz cut the communications.
Sal, Archi and I took the bridge, while x, y and z took the rest of the ship.
Aside from almost being killed by a giant feathered killing machine, it all went quite smoothly.

Shopping for vacc suits

looking for vacc suits
dead now rest peacefully
no holes in this one

Slavers are bad

enslaved have been freed
shattered ship parts drift away
ooh they have vacc suits!