Kasumi 'Kaz' Tanaka

Adventurous, curious,



Str: 6 (0); Dex: 8 (0); End: 8 (0); Int 15 (3); Edu 12 (2); Soc 5 (-1)

Athletics – 1
Electronics (Computers) -2
Electronics (Comms. ) 2
Languages (Aslan) – 0
Streetwise – 1
Vac Suit – 1
Art (Writing) – 1
Carouse – 1
Drive – 0
Investigate – 0
Flyer – 0
Recon – 2
Gun Combat (Energy) – 2
Gun Combat (Slugs) – 1
Deception – 1
Pilot (Small Craft) – 1
Stealth – 2
Gambler – 1


Hi, I’m Kasumi Tanaka. My friends call me Kaz. I’m from Albe My family runs an electronics repair shop in Seberg City. We aren’t rich but we aren’t poor. We get by well enough. I have an older brother Sana and a younger brother Kaito. Sana works full time in the shop with mum and dad, Kaito and I help out after school. There was no way I could have gone to Dunkleton without the scholarship, which I won in a competition at school. I will miss my family, and my best friend Sasha. I will miss scouring the border for spare parts and dodging the patrols. I won’t miss the constantly clogging filters or running for cover when a storm comes through. My brothers will be pleased at the extra room, as our apartment is quite tight, but compared to some we have it good. There is not a lot of room in Seberg City, but there are a whole lot of people.

Father – Riku
Mother – Asami
Older brother – Sana
Younger brother – Kaito


From: Kasumi Tanaka
To: Tanka Family
Subject: Settling in to Uni
Dear Mum and Dad
So, I am all settled in, my room is OK and my room mate doesn’t snore, always good. Not much else to say. First week is over, there is tons of work to do, especially reading! I will send pictures soon.


From: Kasumi Tanaka
To: Tanka Family
Subject: Coming home for the break
Hi Mum, Dad
So, Uni is going well, will be home for the long break. Did I tell you I ran into Sal from Dunkleton?
Yeah she is also taking languages and Art. Although, she is doing Visual and I am in Writing. It was good to see a familiar face. I have made loads of friends and have a great time. Yes, I have studying hard, but taking the opportunity to broaden my horizons and make contacts as well. I have joined a number of clubs including the Journalists and am working on the University paper.
Anyways I will see you soon.
Love Kaz


From: Kasumi Tanaka
To: Kaito Tanaka
Subject: My little brother the marine
Hiya Kaito
Ya! Congratulations, you got in. So happy for you. I know you will kickarse in the marines, excuse me, merchant marines. Sorry I couldn’t be at your going away party, but I couldn’t get a flight home for love nor money. Keep in touch, want to hear all about your adventures.


From: Kasumi Tanaka
To: Tanaka Family
Subject: yay Graduated!
Dear Mum and Dad
Well, you will be pleased to know that I graduated with honours. I will be home soon for a couple of weeks. Also, I got the job with the Sindali Subsector Associated Press . I am a journalist. Anyway, I will be working at the main office for my first year or so, kind of like an apprenticeship and then will be able to move back home.
Love Kaz

From: Kasumi Tananka
To: Kaito Tanaka
Subject: Glad to hear you are still alive
Hiya Kaito
Good to hear from you, FINALLY! What the hell lil’bro. Seriously, you have been incommunicado for ages. It doesn’t take all that much time or energy to just send a quick one line e-letter.
Ok enough of the big sister rant. Glad to hear from you, glad to hear all is OK and you are doing well.
I will pass on to Mum and Dad.


From: Kasumi Tanaka
To: Tanaka Family
Subject: new job sort of
Hi Mum, Dad
Just to let you know that I am well but will be out of touch for a while. I have had a big break at work. My editor has finally given me the lead on an article. I will be going undercover and so will be out of touch. So don’t worry if you don’t hear from me. So excited!
Love Kaz

Tanaka, K. 1093 ‘My life as a marine. Not all guns and glamour.’ Sindjal Times. 101, no 10. pp: 115-34


Mum, Dad, I got the apartment!
Will pick up the key tomorrow.
Want to come around and
have a look?

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Tanaka, K. 1094 ‘Low level cyberwar in Deneb sector becoming a severe threat’ Sindjal Times 102, no 7. pp: 34-36

Sana, Jilleen
Congratulations! Can’t wait to see
my new nephew.
Will drop in over the weekend. Is there
anything you guys need?_

Tanaka, K. 1095 ‘Trade deal between Pryme and Chalchiutlicue threatens alliance between Third Imperium and Trojan Reach’ Sindjal Times 103, no 6 pp: 25 -28

Tanaka, K. 1095 ‘Bid to mend Sindali-Gazalin relations met with cool response.’ Sindjal Times 102, no10. pp: 5-7


Sorry Mum,
Can’t make dinner, got to work late.
Being the editor now means being
the last one out


From: Kasumi Tanaka
To: Tanaka Family
Subject: New assignment
Dear Mum and Dad
Just a message to touch base. I know you were disappointed that I have gone back to being a journalist rather than the editor, but it is what I love to do. Investigating, researching, and writing. I am on a very interesting story with a lot of social ramifications and so hope to do some good. Don’t know when I will be able to see you, but hopefully soon.
Give my love to Sana, Jileen and Jona.
No, I haven’t heard from Kaito.

Tanaka, K. 1100. The legalization of casinos in Deneb sector. Better the devil you know. Deneb News Quarterly. Vol 7, no. 2 pp: 55-72

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Happy Birthday Jona,
I hope you like the birthday present.
Hoping I can see you real soon.
Love Aunty Kaz.


From: Kasumi Tanaka
To: Kaito Tanaka
Subject: yes you can crash at my place
Hi Kaito
Yes, you can stay in my place for a couple of weeks. I am hoping to get home in about a month. I am sure Mum, and Dad are super happy to have you home for a while.
The filters need to be changed once a week, more often if there is a super storm. There are spares in the hall closet. The light in bathroom is a bit jinky, I have asked the landlord to fix it, don’t know if he has yet or not.
There is a great noodle bar on the corner on the way to the shop. I highly recommend the ramen special.
Hoping to see you all soon.
Love Kaz.

Tanaka, K. 1103 ‘The Fall of the House of Conradine’ Gazalin Review.Vol.10 no.5 pp:23-36

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Kasumi 'Kaz' Tanaka

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