Rao Mubaraka

Idealistic egalaterian


Human -38yo
STR 4 DEX 9 END 6 INT 7 EDU 9 SOC 13

Carouse, Art, Streetwise, Diplomacy, Investigate, Science (History)


When her elder brother Harrick was gravely wounded, King Oleb realised his daughter was likely to inherit the throne. Previously, Rao was most ignored by Oleb, who entrusted her upbringing to his courtiers and attendants. She became the King’s foremost counsellor and
diplomat, and is highly influential at court. She dreams of a grand alliance of worlds – either the Kingdom of Drinax reborn, or a more equal and progressive league to provide a bulwark against the great imperial powers. Bringing the advanced technology of Drinax back to her
former subjects could bring about a golden age.
Her detractors claim the princess is overambitious and blind to the perilous circumstances of Drinax, and that any such grand alliance would only serve to anger the Aslan.

After school, as the daughter of a “King” of some remote planet out in the reach, Rao developed an interest in helping the local population. She fund raised for the less fortunate, was politically opinionated and spent time volunteering with local youth programs.

After exams ended, but before the results have been published, Rao invited all 50 in your year from Poston House up to a hunting lodge owned by a friend of her father. The hunting lodge is situated in the mountains with a large area of private forests and lake.

Rao Mubaraka

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