Sal Salonge


Strength: 6
Dexterity: 7
Endurance: 8
Intelligence: 7
Education: 14 (+2)
Social: 8

Art (Visual Media): 2
Broker: 2
Drive: 0
Electronics (Computers): 1
Engineer (Power): 2
Engineer (Life Support): 1
Gun Combat (Energy): 1
Investigate: 1
Language (Aslan): 0
Mechanic: 1
Persuade: 2
Recon: 1
Steward: 0
Streetwise: 1
Vacc suit: 1


9-11 (1)
12-14 (
15+ (+3)

XP = 1 (8/9/2021) + 1 (16/9/2021)


An ally becomes an rival or a contact becomes an enemy.
Financial disaster – many would have lost the lot but I save the day. +2 Benefit on mustering out of being a broker

Scholarship student at Dunkleton House, from a merchant family on Asim (Tlaiowaha 2123).

All through my childhood, Asim was an Aslan world. It is a beautiful place but needed my parents trade to bring in the necessities of life.

Sal is proud of her brown, brown world – ah the many browns of a lush forest. She’s convinced that King Oleb just hasn’t seen the true value of Asim and its people yet and that a great future awaits us if we can just get our trading up and running. Deeply suspicious of the Foundation fraudsters who messed things up for everyone.

My parents expect me to step into the business. They were prepared to let me go to university, expecting me to do business subjects. I took the Aslan language class as an easy subject and fell in love with art.

Coworker at risk of losing millions. I try and help but fail! Perhaps being a Broker is not for me. When mustered out of Broker got a ship’s share and a free trader (around 25% of a merchant’s ship). I’ve also learnt a little bit more EDU +1

When mustered out of Free Trader so 50% of merchant’s ship. Made a rival merchant when had to make an emergency stop.

Sal Salonge

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