The Memory of Sindal

My car is a UFO
I have searched the universe

Well, that worked out better than I expected.

When we arrived in Theeve (Sindal 2116), we found one of the ships we were looking for just parked on the moon.

So we stole it – just like that.

Kaz cut the communications.
Sal, Archi and I took the bridge, while x, y and z took the rest of the ship.
Aside from almost being killed by a giant feathered killing machine, it all went quite smoothly.

Shopping for vacc suits

looking for vacc suits
dead now rest peacefully
no holes in this one

Slavers are bad

enslaved have been freed
shattered ship parts drift away
ooh they have vacc suits!

following clues

Abandoned space station
Portrait of past Sindalian
the king would love it

Game over man

We continued investigations on Torpol re the pirate attack on the miner ship. Lots of looking up things on databases, character checks etc, which I must say I found a bit dull after a while, and decided to watch some vids in my cabin (note to self – need to expand vid collection to something more than the “Carry On” movies).

Went to a bar and chatted with a captain of a damaged ship (Daniel Vlaw I think). Drinks were substandard. When will these places learn that the quality of the booze is what brings in the customers?

Then jumped to Borite. Ended up at an old abandoned space station. Some Aslan was sending out a distress call. Jayse, Sal, Kline and Wilb boarded and went to investigate. Things didn’t go to well for Sal when some sort of space beast latched on to her and ripped a hole in her vacc suit. Luckily she’s ok. The Aslan was rescued and is now on the ship.

That’s it, I’m done. Time for a drink.

Kaz, you owe me for this. You’re the journalist not me. If you want other people to update the ships log then bribes are in order (I’ll accept any vintage of the Chateauneuf de Petre – except the 1036 – that was terrible)

Bounty Hunters

bold raid on planets
hunter become the hunted
now where have they gone

Travelling home

Low berth passengers
All aboard who are coming aboard
Seven in, six out

On our way

Jump from star to star
A glorious past surrounds us
credits running low

A dinner party

Floating meet and greet
Over a desolate land
Champagne over flows

Fall and fly and fly and fall
As the city rises up

Date: 1105.162 (arrive at Drinax)

After fleeing the loving embrace of the Golden Queen, we brought Rao back to her father on Drinax (Tlaiowaha 2223).

Her father, the King, was very pleased to see her. She received good care on his floating palace and was soon back on her feet. And that is where things got sticky. Her father has a ship, and she wants us to pilot that ship. We would be flattered, but it appears that her father wants to use the ship for piracy. He is providing us with a Letter of Marque to disrupt trade.

His vision is to rebuild the Empire of Drinax. I can’t fault him for ambition. I guess having your whole planet inhabited by nobles, all of whom live in your palace, the pressure to rebuild the empire is pretty strong.

Rao wants us to do this because she trusts us to keep a secret. She has the ear of her father in this matters. I figure we better keep her happy.