Dunkleton Academy

School for the few set on the planet of Hradus (Tobia 2714), the school itself is on extra-territorial land officially the embassy of the planet Blue (Tlaiowaha 2421). This is a fiction maintained by the school to exempt them from the Treaty of Hradus which maintains the local tech level at 7. As such, the high tech (TL14) teaching methods far outstrip those of the local schools, as well of those of most other planets in the Trojan Reach.

Dunkleton is known as the incubator for future leader in the ’Reach and it counts a large number of political and social leaders amongst its alumni. Attending Dunkleton as a private student is an expensive endeavour, but approximately 50% of the student body is on scholarships of some kind. These scholarships take many forms:

  • Dunkleton provides two places a year to over 50 worlds for the local government to distribute as it sees fit. Some worlds run tests to send their finest, some hold a lottery, some are handed out as political favours.
  • Many places are provided to the Hradus populous for academic, artistic or sporting achievement. More of these go to humans than their % of the local population would be expected.
  • Being a member of staff allows one’s children to attend.

Given the length of time it takes to travel to other worlds, and the remote rural location of the school on Hradus, all the students are boarders living in one of 15 dormitory buildings called “Houses.” The players have spent their time at Dukleton in Poston House. In 1085, the students of Poston House held a legendary end of year party. Afterwards, two students disappeared while hiking.

Students in Poston House

A few years after us.

  • Willard Vorstaten from Hilfer (Tlaiowaha 2424). Captain of School who gave a talk at our 10 year reunion.

Dunkleton Academy

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