Star Guard

The Star Guard of history was based on a large number of small, high-tech ships rather than large capital vessels. The harrier class is an excellent example of this. Rumours of remnants of the old Sindallian navy abound, but the most credible point to Byrni and Goertel.
The current Star Guard at Drinax is a stark reminder of all that has been lost.

The Star Guard naval forces are made up of four (with a theoretical fifth) branches as follows:
The Highly Esteemed Squadron of the Left Wing: Contains all non-jump-capable system defence boats, namely a modified 400 dton System Defence Boat and two 200 dton System Defence Boats. The squadron is commanded by Star Guards second in command, Vice Admiral Ami Jose.
HMS Redoubtable – 400t SDB
HMS Irrefutable – 200t SDB
HMS Furious – 200t SDB

The Glorious Squadron of the Right Wing: Contains all jump-capable scouts, three to be precise, and is directly commanded by Lord Wrax.
HMSS Victorious – 200t refitted Ktiyhui class courier (flagship of the fleet)
HMSS Duke of Asim – 100t Type S scout
HMSS Royal Sovereign – 100t Serpent class scout
One of the scouts makes the jump to Asim and back every month keeping the small Star Guard forces there in communication

The Dragon’s Talons, a force of space and atmospheric fighter craft
• DT1 – 10t light fighter
• DT2 – 10t light fighter
• Eagle 1 – Firehammer G/fighter (atmospheric)
• Eagle 2 – Skystrike G/fighter (atmospheric)

Star Guard Small Craft Wing: This unit administers all small craft of the active forces, from ships boats to cutters or shuttles. If it’s less than 100 dtons, the Wing Commander is responsible somehow. Of course, many of these ‘boats’ are on detachment duty, e. g. part of a ship’s fighting complement. At any particular time there are ~2-3 shuttles, gigs, ships boats, etc. near enough to the planet of Drinax to come into play.

Star Guard Reserve The reserve is a somewhat ominous name for what the Star Guard fancies it’s ‘shadow force’. Every ship owned by a citizen of Drinax has nominally to be included in the reserve fleet roster and can be mustered by the king in times of need. That’s just a fancy way to say that there is a law to make sure the king can press ships into service during an emergency. Known operational ships seen around Drinax are:
• 2 yacht’s owned by the royal family
• Lady Hil’s family yacht (in dubious condition)
• Rachando’s trader “The Star of Xing” (when in port)
• Sal Dancet’s trader “Evening Breeze” (when in port)
This power has never been enacted beyond the royal family’s own vessels.

Keeping all these ships in working condition is an enormous strain on the Drinaxian economy and at any time at least one of the 200t SDBs and one of the scout ships is either in mothballs hidden in orbit or down for repairs.

Star Guard

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